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Daisy Homes was founded by Iona Devendran in 2007 in memory of the family's late, grandmother Daisy. She lived in an aged care facility overseas where she received a very poor standard of care, that even included physical abuse.

This is why Daisy Homes so heartily embrace Core Values that include the rights of residents to :-

  • Respect, dignity and privacy

  • A safe and homelike environment 

  • High quality care appropriate to a person's need

  • Have an effective voice in matters that concern residents 

  • Social independence and freedom of choice, to the extent it does not unreasonably infringe on the rights of others

Today Daisy Homes is currently owned and managed by Iona's brother Ivan Devendran. This arrangement has been in place since 2010.

Director : Ivan Devendran                      
Mobile : 0425 351 384